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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, here I am again..having to remind myself that I do have purpose in my life and that it is up to me to seek it out...God gave me the common sense to know when I need to seek and find, yet, some how I seem to still wallow around in self pity..until I knock myself over the head with reality...It's sooooo easy to just sit and stay where you've landed..and the devil would have you stay there because you are of NO effect for the kingdom of,STOP IT!!! Get up off your duff and get busy...there isn't enough time to waste. Start simple...KISS...keep it simple stupid...for that is what you are for landing and staying put..get going, even if it's only to the end of the runway....then do it again until you can take off and fly...never give up and never stop trying...for in the stopping is failure and satan wins...don't let him win...KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!! Now get busy..the day is half gone and you have a lot to do....Lord, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me..Make me an instrument of your peace.Amen

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Day

Well, today is a new day and it's Christman time. My favorite time of year...Giving is so great..I love to give and bless people. I always wish that I had more to give as I do this year too, but we have to remember that any thing, small or large, is most of the time very much appreciated..Surprise is not, I repeat, NOT over rated...It's GREAT...but a smile, a hug, and happy spirit makes the world a better place...Oh and did I mention family, That makes life so good....I'll be having all my kids home on Christmas morning for the first time in a very long time....I'm so excited that I can hardly contain myself...8:30 Christmas morning can not get here fast enough. I just wish that time would stand still for such a bit so that I can bask in the feeling...It makes my heart leap..If you are a Mom, then you know what I'm talking about, espeically if you're a grandma and love the sound of that word....GRANDMA...makes up for all the dreams, wishes and things that life somehow never got around to giving...but , of course, being wife, mother and grandma has become all the dreams, wishes and things for me...Thank you Lord...YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas to all.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainy Days

And Mondays Always (try) to get me Down...Remember that Song? Well, it's Tuesday anyway..

You all know that Jamie and Hank are moving to Atlanta. So, that's my "trying to get me down part, because I'm a Grandma that LOVES to be around the grands...ALL of Them!!!

They are so individually unique..I love the way they all look at life..

Sierra: loves music,readiing learning at school, Jonas Bros, Hananh Montana, Littlest pets,singing, making cards, riding her bike, dressing up,getting her nails done and she love the LORD!!! and learning about Him.

Luke: loves cooking, going to Golden Correl,watching cooking shows, baseball, GI Joes, Pokemon, Leggos, running on the tread mill to music,singing, riding his bike, sleeping in his sister's room on the top bunk and he loves the Lord!!!

Tres: loves pokemon, reading WII, sitting with Granddaddy, mac and cheese( they all like that) leggos, DS games (they all like that too), jumping on the trampoline, and swinging on the tire swing, swimming, eating pizza, and giving big hugs, and he loves the Lord.

Bryant: loves soccer,Out Back mac n cheese(with no "shitchen"), sitting with Grandma,Loving Aunt Jen, leggos, pokenmon,WII games, watching SpongeBob and other cartoons. and he loves the Lord.

Tyler: Disney(again they all like disney), stuffed animals, his new bed, WII, going to walmart, watching SpongeBob, and other cartoons, playing with match box and hot wheel cars, ballons floating away, building tents in the den to hide from Mom and Dad when they come to get him...and wanting to play with the big boys...and he loves the Lord.

Sophie: the Pincess, loves her some "darbies" and baby dolls, she is girly girl and loves to dress up, she lays claim to Granddaddy's chair(it swallows her up)shoes, the child loves shoes, spinning until she falls dowm, then doing it again, Dora, Deigo, and Max and Ruby, she can stand her ground with her brothers even at 2years old...Jesus, loves her...and she is learning to love Him.

Brody: Last , but certainly not least... sweetest little baby boy...loves to laugh, loves cars, any kind,and balls, the higher they bounce the better, playing with blocks, sitting in the high chair and watching Mickey, and SpongeBob, his thumb and lovey's, running laughingly to Granddaddy.. and Jesus loves him and he's learning to love HIM.

Each of them loving life in many of the same, yet different ways..learning from each other, loving to be around each other. Swinging together, jumping on the trampoline together, easter egg hunts and egg dying, Christmas time(Biggie) alot of fun stuff.

We should all take a look at the children and learn from them...they are true to each other and love uncoinditionally...what a wonderful picture!!!

Rainy Days and Mondays(well, it's Tuesday) getting you down---Just look around and count your blessings, they are too numerous to count--

Thank you Lord, for saving my soul.
Thank you Lord, for making me whole,
Thank you Lord, for giving to me,
Thy great salvation so RICH and free!!!

My heart is full and overflowing, God is so good!!!
1. Wonderful husband, check
2. Wonderful children, check
3. Wonderful grands, check
4. Wonderful son-in-laws, check
5. Wonderful daughter-in-law, check
6. Wonderful life, check
7. Wonderful friends, check

Nothing here to get me down, so in the porocess of looking up, I should see blessings...a life full of them!!!

Life is GOOD!!

Life is good..even though sometimes it seems that life can through you a curve...sometimes it hits you a homer....Kaye, Bill, Jennie, Sophie and I went to see Karen Marks last night at Sharon and Clarence's house is Mcalla...It was sooooo much fun..talking old times while making new ones.....WE have got to do that again soon....Tracy was there with her son, Matthew..just one of seven grands...just like me...we laughed, talked about everything and of course ate...UMMMMM it was so good...stew and company , at perfect combo...

So, after we got home, Sophie entertained us for a while, before crashing around 10:30...Steve and I were laughing at her and enjoying her cuteness...She asked Granddaddy where her mama was and he told her she was making their house pretty, then she ask where her boys were and he told her they were in bed asleep because they had to go to school...that satisfied her and she then found Aunt Jen and they went upstairs to play..This morning she has made me laugh because she is so full of life....sooooooo, life is good and Praise God for joy and laughter in whatever form it comes our way...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Growing UP

Well, at 57 years old.I'm still having to remind myself that growing up is a life long process. Several things have happened since last I posted...But, all in all what happens in our dailey lives has a help us grow...It's up to us how we receive the growth...I want to grow in the strength of the Lord...I know that He is my strong tower and that I can ALWAYS run to Him...I know that He is my strength and gets me through alot of things....Really, all things...I know that He is my fortress and my peace, and my all in all...Yet I have to let Him be these things to me...So here I am letting Him be...exactly what I need...Do I want answers? Yes...Do I want to know why? Yes...Do I always need to know what? Well, sometimes the TRUST factor has to weigh in and take over..."I know whom I've believe and am presueded that He is able to keep that which I've committed unto Him against that day" Do I waver in this? Well, yes. I'm only human...But bottom line..I believe that Jesus is who is says He is and I can always trust that He knows waht, when and where... Thank you Lord, for your constant, neverending love that you have already given to us in the form of your "only begotten Son"...Thank you for your long suffering with us and that you never give up on us...thank you that you love us inspite of ourselves and that your love is sincere...thank you that you are always trying to get through to us and showing us the love that we have in our families, our true family..I love you Lord and trust you with my life, my family, my finances and everthing in between..for you are the light of my path and the strength of my heart and the joy that comes ever time I look at what you have done not only in my life, but in everything that you have created...Help me to always see the beauty of you even in the tough things that we have to go through and to achieve the purpose you have mapped out for my life

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!! Please!!!

This rain is a killer...Anyone who has "arthur" around knows what I'm talking about..Rain is the game...pain is the name...Wow it needs to stop..The rain and the pain..and the new hip is the worse..what's up with that? I'm not gonna stop...but it sure is tempting..Thank God I know there is HOPE...because without that it would be unbearable..well, enough of that...

Today is a new day...I just cooked Steve and I a good lunch..and we are gonna have a light dinner..Hoping and praying that we can get a handle on the eating thing...and get healthier..gonna give it a shot...We watched Dr. Oz show, mainly to hear Steve's nephew's music, and ended up watching and really hit home with me..Yesterday at church, teaching the girls, makes me want to keep up with them...and today, Dr. Oz's show made me want to LIVE younger...So, here we go again..hopefully, the vehicle we choose to take this time will be the one we need..Plus,Tonnie has been pretty inspiring, watching her journey has encouraged a lot of us..So, Go Tonnie!!! But, we each have to sit on our own let's get busy...Growing in the Lord and shrinking in body fat...

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back Seat Driver

As women, we invest not only physically and mentally, but most of all emotionally in our children. We give them birth(God gives them life), we change their diapers, we help with homework, we watch as they go out on dates, hoping that they make right choices along the way. We then, take a back seat to their lives. They go along not realizing that, they too will take this road. Watching as their children grow and start making their choices. One thing that I never thought of was how their choices would effect the "back-seat" parents. We try not to butt in or offer too much opinion, but it gets hard sometimes. Are they thinking that because you do not say something about a way of life that they have developed, as approval? Do they even care about what we think anymore? Can we actually help them, not money wise but heart wise? Do they want us to? These are questions that roll around in my mind quite often. Then,today as I was thinking on these things, I wondered if they have thought about how it's gonna feel when their children are grown and they don't seem to care what they think...It's something to think about...I never did...When you're 60 years old, will your son or daughter respect your opinion? Will they listen out of courtesy? Will they totally disregard everthing you have tried to teach them? If they think back to their teen years, do they want their kids to go down the same path or one that's even close? You can not, I repeat, YOU CAN NOT make anyone do what's right...It's their choice, even when they are young...All I know is that I wanted more for my kids...I wanted them to make better choices than I did...but mostly, I wanted them to seek God more than I did...He is the best shot you why not take it...sitting on a fence can be fun for a while, but you can't hold hands with two have to choose...because if you don't the fence will choose for will be pulled off by one of the two sides...which will it be? You think these times of recession are bad? Just will get worse..the Bible says it will and so far everything that has been predicted has happened..go check for your self. So I say...EQUIP, EQUIP you children with weapons of the heart that only God and His word can provide. Think of the time when you are not around...will they be able to stand alone..they may have to..It's up to you to help them know how...If you are unsure how...Find out...HELP THEM KNOW...You are their only link to knowing..Ask yourself this, AM I doing the best I know how to ensure my child's mind, soul and body? All you can do is your best ,in HIM, and if you fail, get up and try again..They are worth your best effort. And ,remember, the "back-seat" may have some good advice sometimes, Ask...It can't hurt to listen to someone who may have already walked the way you are headed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Plain Blessed

I feel just plain blessed!!! My back is better and the day is good. Steve is gone his self and I pray that he has a great time and that he might catch a fish or two. We have had a couple of great weeks..we got to keep Tyler and Brody Friday nite and had a wonderful time...Man, they are sooooo cute and funny...The only mistake we made was turning off the ocean noise, Brody was restless and finally woke up enough to want to play...He was so cute, we laughed is our sleepy state at him..he was humming a song and clucking his tongue.. we would just start giggling at him..He finally went back to sleep around 3:30am, so we got some sleep..Tyler slept through it all.. We got up on Saturday and took Tyler to watch Bry play soccer. Tyler loved it..he got out on the field at the half time and was kicking that ball into the goal..he kept it away from the big boys and made a goal..he was very proud of him self..and of course the grandparents(that'd be me and steve) wer beaming for him and Bry, who did a great job with his team. The we got ready for the Bama game..I cooked spaghetti, salad and Mom made her from scratch buttermilk chocolate cake with fudge icing and we had a feast. Brett, Tonnie, Sierra, Luke, RB and Frankie came over. The game was good..we won..and Luke, Frankie(akagreat grandma) and I played skippo and Luke was so funny that Frankie was amazed. That was the most she had ever seen him in action with his little quirky funny personality..
Then on Sunday..I had my first Stars class and I had a know when you teach, you learn far more than you know and they girls are so much smarter that I am that I think I need a WHOLE lot of LONG prayers going up for me...We started out behind so we are gonna hit it hard and fast to get all their steps in before next please keep us in your prayers gonna need them to make it. After church on Sunday we had the annual awards program for the Missionettes at my house...Rojelia cooked for us and there was about 20 or so folks here and it was a good thing.. I love that serving God can be so much fun and that in the process you get to see young children grow and learn to do the right things...things that the Lord has mapped out for us all in His Word...I know that I will learn far more than they will. It's gonna be a fun year all the way, family and friends...I love you all. God Bless...'til next time.